Jorge Urias was invited to speak at SINAPTICA 2019, at the 9th Interdisciplinary Design and Advertising Congress organized by the UACJ - Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez.

Sináptica celebrates the best of design and the various forms it assumes from interdisciplinarity, expressed through the experience of renowned experts in design matters.

The congress is aimed for active students and graduates of Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Advertising and Digital Design of Interactive Media.



Jorge Urias was invited to speak at the UDESIGN conference “Contrast” created by the CRGS/Centro Roberto Garza Sada of Art, Architecture and Design of the UDEM/University of Monterrey, in Mexico.

UDESIGN is a series of conferences created as an effort to provide students and the community at large with the opportunity to experience the approach, vision and experiences regarding design, research and innovation with talented professionals and artists.

On this occasion, UDESIGN focuses on the concept of contrast, as a tool used within the creative sphere and as a reflection of the complex Mexican context. Mexico is a country filled with social, cultural, geographical and economic contrasts. It is the vast difference between modernity and tradition, between its industrial cities and its magical towns, between life and death, the origin and the end; all this that defines the Mexican identity.

udesign 2018