Founded in 2013, Jorge Urias Studio is an interdisciplinary practice based in New York City and Juárez Mexico that seeks to bring together art, design and architecture in a single workspace.

The studio explores and tests the present relationships between the built and the unbuilt, and searches on making hidden patterns evident. This procedure is independent of scale, from artworks, to objects and buildings being created under the same process, with a design that aims deep at  site-specificity while responding to the project’s premise in an inventive way.


Jorge Urias
Christian Cota
Luz Maravilla
Salvador Ruiz
Hugo Santana
César Valles
Alberto Carrillo
Nancy Laredo
Alberto Duarte
Mariana Murguía


Jorge Urias Garza

The studio is led by Jorge Urias Garza. He holds a Master of Science in Architecture degree from Pratt Institute in New York, and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Monterrey in Mexico. He is Co-Founder of CHAOS architects, a company based in Helsinki, Finland, focused on creating better and more sustainable cities for everyone around the world, through an AI cloud service platform that connects citizens, governments and companies. Jorge is also a member of Project Paz, a New York based non-profit organization focused on helping Latino children on both sides of the US-MX border succeed academically.