Jorge Urias Studio is a multidisciplinary office focused on architecture and design based in New York City and Juarez Mexico. It operates through direct client commissions and speculative projects that explore new opportunities within the field. 

The studio is led by Jorge Urias Garza, an architect with a Master of Science in Architecture from Pratt Institute and a Bachelor of Architecture from Universidad de Monterrey, and has collaborated on projects with artists and architects including KOTUstudio, MAP/mx and FR-EE.

Jorge Urias Garza is also the Co-Founder of CHAOS architects, a startup based in Finland, focused on crowdsourcing urban planning and creating smart cities that are more sustainable, happier, healthier and more democratic. "Your city reimagined".



Jorge Urías Garza
Hugo Santana
César Valles

Past team members

Alberto Carrillo, Nancy Laredo, Alberto Duarte, Mariana Murguía, Christian Cota